Welcome to Geekling Creations

Posted by Jacqueline Whalen on 10/21/2017 to News
Welcome to Geekling Creations
We opened our Etsy Geekling Creations Shop in the fall of 2015. We started with hand crafted props but soon switched our focus to the creation of silicone elf ears and prosthetic makeup apliances(like wound fx and horns).  We saw there was a definite lack of options for high quality latex-free elf ears. So I set out to create the  most life-like silicone ears I could, while keeping the price affordable to all.

I will be going into much more detail about the genesis of our elf ear line in our next blog, so definitely take a look at that if your interested in finding out how I go from clay sculpture to wearable elf ear tips!

We offer a myriad of color choices and a growing selection of styles with one size fits most. In the coming months we will be introducing select styles in sizes made for little ears and larger sizes as well. Watch for anouncements in this space.

Enjoy our site and by all means share your thoughts we'd love to "ear" from you. (hokey I know)


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