Han Solo Blaster

Han Solo Blaster

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This is a Han Solo Blaster fan art reproduction.

It can be ordered in 2 styles; A New Hope(pictured) or The Force Awakens. The TFA has black accents and flash muzzle with more weathering.

We've added a redesigned bracket, scope and flash muzzle as seen in above pics.

This blaster has the weight and feel of a real blaster but it is cast in resin. Pictures are of my work and I have included several.

The body is cast solid and the trigger is rigid, the scope is open.

This prop was created in a multi-step process, it was 3d modeled and then extensively post processed with sanding and epoxy modification then molded and cast in black resin, painted, weathered and faux wood grip added using several techniques. It is time intensive to create and limited in availability.

It was developed with cosplay and display in mind and can be handled and holstered, however it is made from resin so you should avoid dropping it. It is not a toy.

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