Sfx Pointy Nose, Silicone
Sfx Pointy Nose, Silicone

Sfx Pointy Nose, Silicone

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SFx Pointy Nose Cast in Silicone 

This is my latest silicone special fx nose. It's quite a pointy nose and was inspired by the classic Wicked Witch of The West. It would be ideal for so many other cosplays: The Penguin, Gru from Dispicable Me, Chicken Lady from Kids in The Hall, Pointy nose orcs, vampires etc...best choice for those with latex allergies.

Available in our 6 stock colors brown to light skin and any shade in between. fantasy colors (such as green or white for example) and color match (can match your skin tone or even a particular shade of makeup). They can be blended with pretty much any type of makeup whether it is theatrical makeup or regular cosmetics in powder cream or liquid form. Lifelike, waterproof, latex-free and super comfortable.

Each silicone prosthesis is designed for realism as well as comfort. The creation process includes sculpting, molding and casting with each nose then hand painted for a very life-like effect. 

A sample of silicone adhesive and application instructions are included in every order.

Colors displayed in the skin-tone photo are stock colors 1-6, very fair to deep brown. Select the appropriate color at checkout.

One size fits most. 

The nose pictured is shown without makeup blending.

Every item is made to order and takes about 3-5 business days to create at which point they ship USPS 1st class (3-5 business days) in US so total time of 7-10 days unless upgraded shipping is selected at checkout.

For more info on adhesive go to our faq page. For directions on fx application, tips, care and cleaning visit my Guide to Silicone Elf Ears.  

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