Vulcan Ears, elf ears in silicone

Vulcan Ears, elf ears in silicone

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Pair of Vulcan/Elf Ears in silicone.

This pair of Vulcan style ears were designed with Spock in mind, so they are great for a vulcan cosplay, if you're a fan of The Shannara Chronicles this style is ideal for an Amberle cosplay. They also work well for various sci-fi characters, as a general elf ear or as the finishing touch to your high elf costume. They will kick your costuming up to a whole new level. This style is particularly well suited for extended wear given their light weight and comfortable fit. Plus they're waterproof so getting caught in the rain is no problem. Comfortable throughout a full day of LARPing or cosplaying.

Available in several stock skin-tones as well as fantasy colors (such as green or white for example) and color match (can match your skin-tone or even a particular shade of makeup). they can be blended with pretty much any type of makeup whether it is theatrical makeup or regular cosmetics in powder cream or liquid form. Lifelike, waterproof, latex-free and super comfortable.

All of our elf ears are molded in high quality silicone. Compare the quality of our products to any other prosthetic ears available online and you will immediately see the difference. Each style is designed for realism as well as comfort. The creation process includes sculpting, molding and casting, then each pair is hand painted for a life-like effect. Elegant and durable, our ears really are in a class by themselves. Perfect for everyone especially those with latex allergies. Comfortable even after a full day of LARPing or cosplaying.  

A sample of silicone adhesive and application instructions are included in every order.

Colors displayed are stock colors 1-5, 1 being the lightest. Select the apropriate color at checkout. One size fits most.

One size fits most. Ear tips can be designed to your unique ear shape, see our Custom Ear Listing (Jan-Sept). Price includes free shipping (first class 2-5 business days) in US. If it needs faster shipping you can select that option at checkout.

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