Skull Brush/Pencil/Tool Holder
Skull Brush/Pencil/Tool Holder

Skull Brush/Pencil/Tool Holder

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Finished Item or raw casting
Hand sculpted 1/2 scale(ish) Skull Brush/Pencil/Tool Holder, Cast in resin and individually painted for an eerily realistic look, each skull is a unique piece . This skull makes a wonderful and unusual addition to your desktop decor or a special tool/brush holder for your shop or on your makers table. 

A great item for those who collect skull art or horror aficionados. Each skull is a unique piece.

Made of solid resin it is quite hefty and makes a fine paperweight and is stable even when loaded with your favorite sculpting/art tools or brushes. 

Also available as a raw casting of white resin which would require mild sanding and DIY painting as desired. 
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