Hobbit Ears, silicone, latex-free

Hobbit Ears, silicone, latex-free

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Hobbit Ears in Silicone

This pair of Hobbit silicone ears are designed to suit anyone looking for a middle earth hobbity type ear, perfect for the shire or even an adventurous quest. These hobbit ears are particularly suited to extended wear given their light weight and comfortable fit. Don't worry about wizard induced storms, silicone ears can take the rain or even a trip down the river.

All of our silicone character ears are available in an unlimited range of colors, if you've had a hard time finding elf ears for brown skin, we have a range of choices to suit your needs. Choose from our 5 stock skin-tones or select a custom color for an even closer match; we can match your skin-tone or a particular shade of makeup, or fantasy color (such as green or gray for example). They can be blended with just about any type of makeup whether it is theatrical makeup or regular cosmetics in powder, cream or liquid form. Colors displayed in the skin-tone photo are stock colors 1-5, 1 being the lightest. When selecting color match please attach both indoor and outdoor color accurate photos of your ear and cheek and or makeup brand and number for matching.

We strive to create the most life-like prosthetics possible and our elf ears are often mistaken for the real thing,  The creative process begins with character research, sculpting a mock up, then final sculpture, molding and casting and finally each pair of ears is individually hand painted for an amazingly life-like effect. 

The benefits of silicone prosthetic elf ears, compared to latex, include longer lifespan, much more life-like look as well as a very lifelike feel, easy to care for/clean and greater comfort. A bit of gentle soap and water and you and your elf ears are ready for your next adventure!

A sample of silicone adhesive (1-2 applications worth) and application instructions are included in every order.

Elf ears are made to order and take about 3-6 business days to create at which point they ship USPS 1st class (2-5 business days) in US so total time of 5-11 days unless upgraded shipping is selected at checkout. If you need your ears sooner for a particular function let me know and we will accommodate you when possible.

One size fits most. Right now available in size regular, like all of our other styles this size will fit most. I am presently sculpting a larger version that will fit those with larger ears.

For more info on adhesive go to our faq page. For directions on Elf Ear application, tips, care and cleaning visit my Guide to Silicone Elf Ears.  

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