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Faerie Ears, fairy, elf ears, silicone, latex-free
Long Elf Ears in Silicone
Supernatural First Blade fan-art
Vulcan Ears, elf ears in silicone
Zelda elf ears, silicone, latex-free
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Geekling Creations Our "New" Shop

Welcome to our new Store Front; Our Geekling Shop is new but we are not. We've been selling through etsy for 2 1/2 yrs and we are proud of both our products and our reputation. Here's a sample of our customer reviews.


"I LOVVVEEE these. They are the most realistic looking ears I have found. They feel skin like and they are light weight. I appreciate the sample of adhesive as well."

"The ears are beautiful and look so natural and lifelike. I love them!"

"I love them! They're more realistic than the latex ones, and they have a wonderful paint job. I don't think I can wait until Halloween to wear them, so maybe I'll just start wearing them to work..."

You can read more here, but please return for our 10% storewide Grand Opening Sale.

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Vulcan, Elf Ears

Vulcan Ear tips molded in silicone. Perfect for sci-fi or fantasy cosplay. Comfortable even after a full day of LARPing or cosplaying.

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Milancelos A Lanos

Classic Elf Ears

Classic elven ear design, both comfortable and versatile, these ears live up to their name. Long lasting, waterproof, and lifelike, our affordable elf ears really are in a class by themselves.

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Comos De Milano

Fairy, Elf Ears

Faerie ears cast in life-like silicone. These ears are elegant and refined with a shape that really gets noticed. Wonderful for elf or fae costumes

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