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Hobbit Ears, silicone, latex-free
Horns - Style 2 - Silicone
Skull Brush/Pencil/Tool Holder
Skull mask /Rattleshirt Giant's Skull Mask

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Zelda Ears

Zelda Ears

Ideal costume Zelda ears for a fabulous Zelda or Link cosplay. These elf ears would also work as a Divinity or skyrim dark elf cosplay, or the perfect accessory to your LARP elf costume.

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Elf Ears Classic

Classic Elf Ears

Classic elven ear design, a wonderfully versatile style. These ears are light weight and all day comfortable, long lasting, waterproof, and lifelike.

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Faerie Ears

Faerie Ears

Faerie ears cast in life-like silicone. These ears are elegant and refined with a shape that really gets noticed. Wonderful for elf or fae costumes

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